All Food, Drink, General Store, Membership and Day Passes Have Moved to Online Ordering & Payment @ VITAMBI.MENU

Welcome to VITAMBI.MENU!

We have completed the rollout of our new ordering and payment system.  Access is online and there is no download required.  Simply open your preferred browser, go to VITAMBI.MENU and begin ordering.  A quick account setup is required during your first visit. 


Bear with us; we’re trying to learn, adjust and provide as best we can. This is a demanding time. We are working with limited resources, and are determined to remain your escape to the woods.

We're working to provide alcoholic beverage service at the Bongo Bar through our online ordering service during the following times:

Friday 6PM - Midnight at the Bongo Bar/Patio Firepit

Saturday 6PM - Midnight at the Bongo Bar/Patio Firepit